In a confidential follow-up satisfaction survey, we asked our training tour participants what they’d like other riders to know about the program. Here are just a few of the many comments we’ve received:


“While it’s about safety, it is really about mastering the bike and the environment. As you do that, riding really becomes much more fun as you eliminate surprises and reduce your stress level.”


“The course allows you to move to the next level. Nothing like experiencing instruction in real world conditions. We rode some areas and curves that I have traveled hundreds of times and to compare before and after put a huge smile on my face. My defining moment was day 2 with cam braking. I have never been so smooth in riding through some curves I knew well. It was an enlightening moment.” 


“The course made me more aware of what I need to watch for while riding. I thought I was doing everything well but the course opened my eyes that I wasn’t consistent and taking too many things for granted. The course and instructor were excellent.”


“(The program) is a great way to boost skills for safety without compromising a fun ride, plus you get to ride excellently selected backroads in the areas.”


“Any and everyone who wants to ride to survive should take this course.”


“I love when you said you want to make our riding more fun. The principles you teach build confidence to help us do that.”


“The experience and training is priceless!”


“Such a great program, if you’re on the fence about taking it, get off the fence get on your bike and get on one the trips!”


“The training exceeded my expectations – and from all of the reviews I had expected a lot. Even great reviews don’t do the training justice – because they leave out the fact it is so much fun!”


“The real-time feedback while riding is immensely helpful. The roads were fantastic. The instruction was terrific. The people are great. The rider community is very well served by this program. Thanks much!”


“If you’re a serious rider, you need this course and you’ll enjoy every second. I would highly recommend Stayin’ Safe to all motorcyclists!”


“Great way to hone up on real road riding. I’ve been riding a number of years and left the course with new and very helpful skills which gave me more confidence, especially 2-up. Also had a great time riding twisty roads and talking motorcycles all weekend.”


“The best real-time one on one riding school I have ever taken—great value–strong reinforcement of road riding skills and road reading skills.”


“The instruction given is highly valuable and taught in a comfortable and well received manner. The information conveyed is invaluable for safe riding. The entire experience is worthwhile, informative and enjoyable due to the consideration and thoughtful experienced instructors.”


“Everyone needs to examine their riding skills. I can think of no better way than the on road coaching provided by a Stayin’ Safe course!”


“This course is the best life insurance policy that money can buy.”


“Not only do the instructors have a passion and deep knowledge of motorcycling but they are consummate instructors. These guys are real pros.”


“I almost feel as though your training was instilled intravenously, it has become that natural … I find that I’m riding with improved confidence as a result of being able to view the road situation with new clarity”


“I had hoped to gain a few new techniques that would improve my riding and safety. Instead, I’ve got a whole new way to view and evaluate the riding situation. I now ride with considerably improved confidence; hence I enjoy it that much more. Thank you so much!”


“A funny think happened last weekend: I learned how to ride a motorcycle after 40,000 miles! I can’t begin to tell you what a fantastic experience it was all around.”


“I almost feel as though your training was instilled intravenously, it has become that natural.”

– John H.