Mr. Safety

It all began with “Mr. Safety”

Larry Grodsky was widely recognized as the leading motorcycle safety expert in the country. A long-term MSF instructor and site coordinator, Larry had been involved in motorcycle safety instruction since 1980 and trained an estimated 5,000 riders. Much of his work was devoted to creating the Stayin’ Safe Motorcycle Training program. Larry’s unique program set the standard for on-street, real-world training and continues to be recognized as the premier on-street training program in the United States. His incisive column, “Stayin’ Safe”, was a mainstay in Rider Magazine since 1988. Unfortunately, the riding world lost Larry Grodsky in the Spring of 2006. His legacy survives in today’s Stayin’ Safe program and in a compilation of his select works from 18+ years with Rider Magazine. Entitled “Stayin’ Safe: The Art and Science of Riding Really Well” this long-anticipated book was assembled and edited by our own Pete Tamblyn and released in 2007 by Whitehorse Press. Snag your copy right here in our Stayin’ Safe store.


Today’s Stayin’ Safe

Today, Stayin’ Safe is owned by Eric Trow, veteran Stayin’ Safe instructor, author of Rider Magazine’s montly “Riding Well” motorcycling proficiency column and recipient of the AMA Outstanding Road Rider Award. The Stayin’ Safe program is operated in locations around the U.S. by Trow and a team of highly-qualified on-street instructors certified in the Stayin’ Safe method. Running for more than 20 consecutive years, today’s program remains true to Grodsky’s vision while also introducing new and expanded content designed to benefit more riders in more locations around the country.

“I almost feel as though your training was instilled intravenously, it has become that natural.”

– John H.