Times have changed.

And so has Stayin’ Safe. We halted our tours during the pandemic and  took that time to rediscover the joys of riding for pleasure. We also took time to reflect on what post-pandemic Stayin’ Safe will look like. We are in the midst of developing new online and virtual on-street training tools that will make the Stayin’ Safe Method accessible to more riders (not just those who sign up for our traditional real-world training tours). We continue to refine and expand our curriculum to be even more relevant in today’s riding environments. And, while we may not offer our traditional training tours in all of the locations we previously did, our training partner MotoMark1 and their certified Stayin’ Safe instructors proudly offer a growing number of Stayin’ Safe training tour dates in the Southeast region. One-on-one and private group instruction with chief instructor Eric Trow is also available upon request. Thank you for your interest in Stayin’ Safe Advanced Rider Training. We hope to ride with you soon.