Wisconsin Backroads

Training Tour length:
2 days
Begins: Delafield, WI (30 min. west of Milwaukee)
Ends: Near Madison, WI
Where we stay: Silver Star Inn
Price: $975 (includes 1 dinner and 1 breakfast at inn)

Midwesterners--just because the miles separate you from “famous” roads like Deal’s Gap or the Pacific Coast Hwy, doesn’t mean that your route map has to read like an empty sheet of graph paper. Within a few hours of Chicagoland and Milwaukee, we’ve put together a sport tour that’s packed with plenty of curves and real world learning situations that you can put to work for you wherever you ride.

We’ll start with a morning meeting in Delafield and warm-up drills in a nearby parking lot. Then we'll head across the rolling terrain of the state’s scenic kettle moraine trails. Thanks to Mother Nature and Wisconsin’s famous dairy industry, the state possesses hundreds of little known, but well paved county roads--full of hills and turns to entertain the motorcyclist. For one of our ride breaks, we usually stop at the beautiful Holy Hill Basillica area. We'll have a laid-back evening of relaxation at the quiet and quaint Silver Star Inn bed and breakfast. Throughout the weekend we will encounter an ever-changing mix of roads that will challenge and entertain you while simultaneously offering up outstanding coaching and learning opportunities. You can expect relatively light traffic on these great little farm roads. The training tour wraps up near Madison, Wisconsin in mid-afternoon.

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