Many folks have asked us through the years how they can get Stayin' Safe gift certificates and branded merchandise such as shirts, hats and stickers. Or Larry Grodsky's "Stayin' Safe" book and other books that can help them improve their skills and get the most from a Stayin' Safe training tour. Well, we've now got 'em for you. Enjoy!

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Motorcycling Skills Books:

Stayin' Safe: The Art and Science of Riding Really Well

Lawrence Grodsky

Larry Grodsky devoted his life to motorcycle safety. Through the riding courses he taught and his "Stayin' Safe" columns in Rider magazine (from 1988 until his untimely death in 2006), he helped thousands of motorcyclists improve their skills and their ability to ride really well. This collection of Grodsky's columns reveals his ability to illuminate complex and sometimes highly technical subjects with an entertaining and personal style, spiced with his trademark wry wit and keen observations of human behavior. Edited by Pete Tamblyn. Published by Whitehorse Press. 352 pages. Hardback.

GROD-A: $24.95  


The Essential Guide to Dual Sport Motorcycling

Carl Adams

This book is written to help adventuresome motorcyclists buy, ride, and enjoy dual sport motorcycles, those versatile machines that are equally at home on the street and in the dirt. It is organized into four sections covering motorcycle selection, setup, riding skills, and specialized activities such as exploring remote areas, organized rides, and touring. Several chapters include exercises designed to improve riding technique and impart new skills. New riders will benefit from the clear explanations of dual sport gear, accessories, and techniques, while experienced riders coming to dual sport from a street riding background will find chapters covering advanced dirt riding skills, GPS navigation, and preparing for multi-day trips. All terms are explained and riding techniques are described in detail. Riders at all levels will gain a broader perspective of the dual sport experience, from which they can begin their journey to new motorcycle adventures. 192 pages. Paperback.

EGDS-1: $24.95  

Dirt Riding Skills for Dual Sport and Adventure Riders DVD

Directed by Carl Adams

Scripted, directed, and narrated by Carl Adams, author of the widely acclaimed book The Essential Guide to Dual Sport Motorcycling, this video teaches critical skills necessary for safe off-road travel and may be used alone or as a perfect companion to the book.
Many people are attracted to dual sport and adventure riding by the challenge of riding well away from highways, but off-road conditions are often loose, rocky, and steep. The video teaches you how to ride safely and smoothly over a wide variety of dirt surfaces. Each technique is explained in simple, but complete detail. They are demonstrated by expert riders with many close-ups and slow motion sequences. The DVD package also includes a printed Field Guide that may be taken on training rides as a reference for all the exercises. DVD video, NTSC. 67 minutes.

DRSD: $29.95  

The Ride So Far: Tales From a Motorcycling Life

By Lance Oliver

In addition to his deep credentials in the motorcycling world, Lance Oliver has been a long-time friend, multiple time student and advocate of the Stayin' Safe program. We are proud to offer his outstanding book here.

Nobody has to ride a motorcycle, so why do we do it? Few explain our collective excuses better, or paint a more vivid and varied picture of the paradoxical joys of riding than Lance Oliver, a man who has spent more time than most of us parsing the entertaining reality of life on two wheels. Whether describing a laid-back, homeward-bound ramble along an Appalachian backroad, racing non-stop around Lake Erie on a tiny motorcycle barely capable of reaching the speed limit, or piloting a Kawasaki Ninja to 170 mph on the surrealistically smooth straightaway at Losail International Circuit in Qatar, Oliver’s road stories and ruminations from the garage seek to uncover the essence of what makes motorcycling so much more than just a way to get from here to there. Published by Whitehorse Press. 224 pages. Hardback.

RSF: 24.95       


The Upper Half of the Motorcycle: On the Unity of Rider and Machine

By Bernt Spiegel

Spawned by the popularity of Bernt Spiegel’s The Upper Half of the Motorcycle in its original German (now in its third edition and ninth printing), this English translation brings the book’s provocative message to a wider audience.

The author’s metaphor considers the rider and the motorcycle as a single unit, the rider being the upper half. It draws on anthropology, psychology, biology, physics, and other disciplines to analyze the theory and function of the man-machine unit. Viewed through this multidisciplinary prism, motorcycle riding is seen as a uniquely complex activity requiring insight and instincts as well as experience and training for the rider to operate the machine like an artificial limb—as “part” of the rider himself. The ultimate goal for riders is the integration of the man-machine interface and development of their skills to the point of virtuosity. Published by Whitehorse Press. 192 pages, color. Flexibound.

UHM: 29.95      



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