Hal Deily

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With Hal “Silk Dog” Deily, the expertise of rider training and professional Martial Arts instruction come together in a powerful way. Hal ʻSilk Dogʼ Deily is the latest addition to the family, bringing with him over 17 years of Motorcycle Safety Foundation RiderCoach experience along with years as a professional Martial Arts instructor.

Originally trained alongside Stayin Safeʼs Eric Trow, Hal continued down the MSF track becoming part of the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program, teaching both the BRC and BRC II, presenting numerous MSF seminar programs, and assisting the Regional Instructor Trainers in the development of new Rider Coaches. Hal currently serves as President of the Greater Pittsburgh Motorcycle Safety Council (GPMSC) and has appeared as a motorcycle safety expert in both print and TV news media, including a continuing series of Motorcycle Safety PSAʼs and GPMSC information videos.

A full-time Professional Martial Arts Instructor, ʻSifuʼ Hal currently holds black belts in 8 different self- defense systems and is among an elite few Certified Full Instructors under the legendary Dan Inosanto – the man personally groomed by the late Bruce Lee to carry on his art of Jeet Kune Do.

Those touring with Hal will often hear him relating StayinSafe strategies to the Martial Arts, Professional Sports, TV & Movie scenes, Fitness, Golf and Zen Philosophy.

Considered a specialist in adult learning technologies, Halʼs expertise lies within program development, assessment and implementation. In addition to his role as an instructor, Hal has collaborated with Stayin’ Safe leadership as a consultant, assisting in the refinement of the StayinSafe Advanced Rider Training program, including a newly expanded Instructor Training Program.

Halʼs 2-wheeled adventures began as a youngster on a Briggs & Stratton-powered mini-bike, and then on to various Kawasaki, Yamaha and Honda models. Having a great-grandmother sporting the last name Harley and with his own initials HD, it was inevitable that Hal turned to a particular brand of ʻAmerican Ironʼ as his motorcycle of choice. A lifetime H.O.G. member, Hal currently enjoys a 2006 Road King Classic.

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