Is the Stayin' Safe program really all that we make it out to be? Don't take our word for it. Here's what the motorcycling press and a few of our training participants have to say about our program:

To view Lance Oliver's feature story "Keeping it Alive" published in Rider magazine about Stayin' Safe, visit www.coffeericeandbeans.com/print/StayinSafe.html.

In a confidential follow-up satisfaction survey, we asked our participants what they'd like other riders to know about the program. Here are just a few of the many comments we've received in the past few months:

The course content was jam packed, and I think that I used every piece in the 2600 miles of my remaining journey home. The roads and training environment were perfect for teaching. The rapid-fire curves, blind curves, blind hills, etc. were perfect for teaching through example and repetition. Over 20 years in and out of the motorcycle training game, I've wanted to test the effectiveness of real-world, on-bike, on-street training. It was better than my best expectations. The quality of coaching was superlative. Eric and Leon have honed a fine skill bringing out the best in riders. Every time I ride, I hear Leon telling me that "the character of the road has changed." Both took a personal interest in helping me make the most of my modest skill set. By the end of day 2, I was having way too much fun! … Real-time coaching in the SS system can radically and dramatically change your street riding!

The instruction given is highly valuable and taught in a comfortable and well received manner. The information conveyed is invaluable for safe riding. The entire experience is worthwhile, informative and enjoyable due to the consideration and thoughtful experienced instructors.

Everyone needs to examine their riding skills. I can think of no better way than the on road coaching provided by a Stayin' Safe course!

There are a couple of things that I would like others to know; This course is the best life insurance policy that money can buy. Not only do the instructors have a passion and deep knowledge of motorcycling but they are consummate instructors. Both of our instructors exhibited the traits of highly effective teachers. They set a goal, taught to the goal, utilized principles of learning (developed skills in small steps and then applied them to real time situations), monitored each students activities and adjusted their input accordingly and finally, provided a closure to cement the learning. These guys are real pros.

Sharing personal experience / recommendations I was delighted with the Switzerland of Ohio tour! Rider-coaches Eric and Randy are highly competent, well aware of every rider’s skill level, and attentive to each participant’s needs. I also found that they knew how to set the right pace for the group while on the road. This adjustment was important to me since I am a fairly new (and slow) rider. The ride was great, landscape picturesque, tour well organized and very enjoyable. I received good tips from the instructors that will smoothen out my riding. For instance, on twisty roads, I am now aware of making less use of the brakes, by finding and maintaining the right gear, which allows me to manage the throttle better and to ride more smoothly thru a series of curves. This makes riding so much more fun! In addition, the instructors’ acute sense of SEE strategy is passed along to participants while riding, thanks to meaningful comments on visual points and on every uprising situation. As good as you are already, wait until you hear Stayin’ Safe instructors’ experience in action, and you’ll realize how much you can still improve on a few things… (No offense!) Their valuable comments instill in everyone the use of higher thinking skills to enhance one’s awareness of his/her surroundings, while encouraging best riding practices on the road. I strongly recommend a Stayin’ Safe tour to anyone who enjoys full-day rides and values continuous riding education. Whatever your skill level and choice of Stayin’ Safe tour, you will find in it so much fun and a great learning experience! Sincerely, Micheline Hamelin, Switzerland of Ohio, June 20-21, 2009

The real-time feedback while riding is immensely helpful. The roads were fantastic. The instruction was terrific. The people are great. The rider community is very well served by this program. Thanks much!

The training exceeded my expectations - and from all of the reviews I had expected a lot. Even great reviews don't do the training justice - because they leave out the fact it is so much fun!

Great way to hone up on real road riding. I've been riding a number of years and left the course with new and very helpful skills which gave me more confidence especially 2-up. Also had a great time riding twisty roads and talking motorcycles all weekend ---Dave D'Alessio

If you're a serious rider, you need this course and you'll enjoy every second. I would highly recommend Stayin' Safe to all motorcyclists!

The best real-time one on one riding school I have ever taken---great value--strong reinforcement of road riding skills and road reading skills.

I was at a Larry Grodsky school with Leon about 5 yrs ago and wasn't sure if Eric's leadership would be up to par---it was and I am pleased and happy for both Eric and Leon that the Stayin’ Safe Riding School is better than ever.

The Stayin' Safe program gives you a lot of tools to take and use, practice, and become a safer and better rider. Pete and John were not only great instructors, but were personable, helpful and even had a personality. Loved them both. Became good friends and we hope to see them again sometime. Thank you Eric, for being a large part in carrying on Larry's legacy. Such a great gift.

I'm pleased to have a chance to convey my very, very positive feelings about your program this past weekend.  You know, I almost feel as though your training was instilled intravenously, it has become that natural.  Yesterday I rode for about 150 miles, most of it on the Blue Ridge Parkway, to and from Roanoke.  I found myself immediately using the new perspectives you'd provided.  I find that I'm riding with improved confidence as a result of being able to view the road situation with new clarity, and be able to place my bike in what I now know is the strategically correct position.  Even on familiar roads, I find I'm slowing and centering for a blind crest, positioning for the best site line through the curves, moving over to present myself to oncoming traffic, and so on. And all with the natural feeling that this is what I've always been doing.  I'm paying attention, but not feeling that I'm having to 'work at it' to apply your principles ... I've reread your work book several times, which I find is an excellent way to refresh.  And as I read it, I realize that the basics of what you teach are really quite simple, and almost intuitive once you see them.  But the real beauty of your program is the on-road instruction with the radios.  To not only see what you are doing, but to hear what YOU see, and why you position as you do, is quite extraordinary.  Having you critique or complement our own actions are a great help, as is listening to your feedback to the others. Overall, you exceeded my expectations by a large measure.  I had hoped to gain a few new techniques that would improve my riding and safety.  Instead, I've got a whole new way to view and evaluate the riding situation.  I now ride with considerably improved confidence; hence I enjoy it that much more.  Thank you so much! John H. (Shenandoah/Blue Ridge Training Tour)

A funny think happened last weekend: I learned how to ride a motorcycle after 40,000 miles! I can't begin to tell you what a fantastic experience it was all around. Thank you sincerely for a wonderful event. Kevin K. (Pennsylvania Farms & Forests Training Tour)

Some additional rider comments from past seasons:

I attended the "Switzerland of Ohio" Tour led by Eric and Randy. It was a fantastic learning experience and a lot of fun despite a full first day of rain! ... Your program makes a lifelong contribution to the safety of every rider who gets to experience it.

Keep up the great work. Thanks for stayin in business. It was the best course I have taken.
-- Paul

Both the teaching and the organization are really well done, and make for a great weekend. I especially appreciate the personal skills Randy brings to the class.
-- Ron O.

I had a great weekend!! I could feel the improvement as the weekend progressed. The road awareness was helpful. I've been using the cues when driving my car. The cam braking and slow speed 180' turn technique was good to learn. I thought I applied enough power when exiting the turns and you could have told me a thousand times to apply more power but hearing the message in real time was a break through for me. By applying the power and slightly shifting my weight you could actually feel the "whoosh effect". The headphone speakers are a great tool.
-- John

Another Stayin' Safe great ride. Thanks again for the great information and instruction. Randy and you really work hard keeping us informed and safe thanks. Pete, I wasn't quite sure if this trip was the jewel of the three trips until day two when on top of the Blue Ridge we were riding through the rain and fog; that was a special ride. But then again that's the way people from buffalo feel in bad weather; we somehow enjoy it.
-- John Bugyi

I had a great time. I am still excited about all that I had learned and am promoting this to my fellow cyclists. I am a strong believer in your business and enjoyed the good times as well as the hiccups.
-- Paul

Eric and Pete,

Thank you for your caring instruction and your excellent feedback. I learned a lot and look forward to learning more from you two pros in the future. I'll sign-up for next year because you guys are so good. Remember, I'm the guy who gave a "yahoo," just like in skiing, for the first time on a motorcycle.
-- Bob V.

Eric -
Riding on your bike on Sunday was great. I did learn a lot. I got to feel through the seat of my pants the deceleration, turn-in, throttle on, and Whoosh! Also, I got to see just where and when you placed the bike.

-- Tim

I just want you to know how much I appreciate your coaching last weekend. I had a marvelous time and learned a lot...including another use for dishwashing gloves (Randy) and for duct tape...as a sun visor for my face mask. (Thanks Pete!) I keep hearing your voices as I ride...wonder why? Stay safe.
--Marvin B.

Great course, excellent communicators for instructors. We can all always improve for our own safety! I feel I will and have become a safer, more skilled rider. Thanks.
-- Bob

Eric and Pete,
Thanks again for the time we spent together earlier this summer. I find that many of the things we did are now becoming a normal part of my ride. I'm leaving in the morning on a solo ride across the country to Florida. I confident it will be a great ride and a lot of time to practice my riding skills. You're names come up frequently during our Monday morning breakfasts.
-- Alan

Thank you once again for last weekend. I even find myself looking for the visual point while driving the car. :-)
-- Bill S.

I wanted to let you know what a wonderful time I had at our recent tour. The two instructors [Eric and Randy] were great and I very much felt I got my money's worth…I felt the instruction was top notch and well worth the price. Thank you for the experience.
--Steve M.
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