Colorado Rocky Mountain High

Training Tour length:
2 Days (3rd Day Optional)
Starting Location: Edwards, CO (along I-70 west of Vail)
End Point: Edwards, CO
Where We'll Stay, Night 1: Antlers Inn, Waldon, CO
Where We'll Stay, Night 2: Delaware Hotel, Leadville, CO
2-Day: $1075 (includes 1 night lodging, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast)
3-Day: $1475 (includes 2 nights lodging, 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts)

Few places in the country offer the variety of riding, spectacular scenery and rider training opportunities of Colorado. This new Stayin' Safe training tour is ideal for those who live in the area and is also a terrific destination for riders from all over the country. It's that good! This training event is based on a private tour we've been conducting in Colorado for more than four years. No other tour combines such an extensive variety of riding environments and coaching opportunities. One minute, riders pass through small but busy mountain towns and then move to twisting and turning mountain roads that climb to more than 12,000 feet as they pass over the Continental Divide. Then it's long sweeping curves that stretch across long open valleys. Suddenly, it's back to narrow twisting roads carved out of the rock face that trace the edge of a rugged mountain only to plunge into heavily forested areas where the road is defined by a canopy of trees. Riders  emerge into the hustle and bustle of hopping mountain spots including Aspen and Steamboat Springs. We've even thrown in a spectacular stretch of Interstate 70 through Glenwood Canyon where riders are coached through heavy highway traffic as they wind along the Colorado River between towering walls of rock.  For the group game for even more adventure and skills development, we may even opt for a wonderful 16+ mile stretch of hard-packed dirt road that meanders along the Colorado River--this stretch is suitable for all machines, including Gold Wings and Harley-Davidson tourers and is a terrific and memorable learning experience. Our plan has us heading north on Day 1 through Steamboat Springs and then on to Walden where we'll spend the night at the fabulous AntlersInn. Then it's south, winding our way over legendary pass roads like Loveland Pass to the historic mining town of Leadville --the highest city in America--for a night at the 125-year-old Delaware Hotel. This tour explores areas to the north and south of Route 70 and includes a minimum of seven passes over the Continental Divide. The session has common start/end points, so riders towing in for the event can park their trailers in Edwards throughout the session. For those flying and riding, rentals are available at various sources in Denver. 

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